Monday, January 30, 2017

I see you project

Most New Years resolutions are geared around fitness, drinking less, quitting smoking, etc. All great and worth pursuits. Often these resolutions are short lived. True lifestyle changes usually are better made gradually over a long period of time. Terry is on day 30 of a detox diet, consisting mostly of juices and smoothies made from fresh fruits and veggies....and for the most part he has stuck with it and has lost about 15 pounds. Me, I didn't really put much weight into a resolution, more like a life goal that I have been thinking about that has been evolving over many months designed to help me to have a more positive experience in this life. I realized that when I am unhappy, that feeling is usually related to or focused on a person. So my goal is to see you (all people I encounter) not through my eyes, but through my Heavenly Father's see past your circumstances, your gender, religion, your race, your culture, your words, your life style choices, your sexuality, your disability etc. To see you in the raw and perfect form that God designed you with unlimited potential. I am trying to see past your temporal choices, the things that I might not like or agree with. I am trying to love everyone, even when they aren't easy for me to even like. I am trying to judge less, understand and help more, and just be at peace.