Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

Spent a lovely couple days up north at our funny to drive through the Arizona mountains in APRIL and see TONS of snow. The kids enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt on our property and a "treasure hunt" for petrified wood and Indian pottery shards.....even found an arrowhead. They had so much fun, at least everyone but Chloe who decided to sneak way too much candy that she made her self miserable and violently sick. I *THINK* she learned a valuable lesson but we will see. I think we have now decided that we really want to get a move on things up there as it is so peaceful. Perhaps in the summer after we get back from Ethan's Make a Wish trip we will start working on building some buildings for storage and enclosures for animals and gardens so that we can make it more livable on a long term basis. Not that we are planning a move just yet, but perhaps an every weekend escape away from this fast paced eventually may become permanent though!

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  1. Your blog is very pretty. Hoping you have recovered from the 'kicked in the road' feeling and will return soon. Barbara