Monday, November 15, 2010

He will see you through.... let him. Our kind and wise Heavenly Father has given you the resources and the support to get through your darkest moments and your most difficult trials. This life is a test, and it wouldn't be a test if it was easy. We can be of a mindset that we are hard done by, an act of selfishness. We have but to look around to see how truly blessed we are. I can't count the people who look at my son and say he makes them want to cry with the lot he was given....and then the magic happens....he smiles. He was given in this life a body that is broken, that doesn't work, that is very different than what is considered normal. He was also given a mind that works perfectly in this body that doesn't. He was given physical limitations, keeping him from walking, keeping him from talking, from eating in the usual way....but, he was also given a devoted father, a loving mother, caring siblings, a birth in a time where the technology exists that would see him through events that surely should have killed him, resources to treatment that would make his situation more comfortable. He was also given a choice....he could be miserable or happy with his lot....he chooses to be happy. It is all in your attitude. You can look at your troubles and see them as barriers or you can see them as opportunities for growth. I could have been bitter about the fact that I will spend the rest of my life in servitude to this same child, but rather, I consider it an honor and a blessing. I can look back at how much this experience has helped me to grow, and I can see all the talent, resources and tenacity that my Heavenly Father gave me just for this task, this test....he gave me what I needed to get through this, and not just to get through it, but to triumph in this. Life is about choices and attitude. We all have what it takes, but in the end it is up to us.

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  1. Beautiful. A mother's love is an amazing thing. In conjunction with HIS love - it's overwhelming and nothing can stop it. God bless you for such a great attitude! You are so right on that one.