Friday, January 28, 2011

Bronchitis, Pnemonia and Asthma, Oh My!

It has been a difficult month....since before Christmas we have had illness in our home and it is really taking it's tole. Ethan and Chloe have had a lot of lung issues this fall and winter. The last few days have been particularly hard on Chloe, who had low blood oxygen saturation (92%, and they want to see it at 98% minimum) at the doctor's office this morning and fluid building in her lungs. I knew her asthma was acting up as she was having long coughing spells despite being on controller/preventative medicine, and requiring albuteral. We go back in two weeks when she turns 6 and talk about expanding treatment for her asthma, maybe adding a rescue inhaler....I am considering that an environmental change might be the best option that the air quality here is probably playing a major role in her lung problems.

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