Friday, December 3, 2010

...lean not unto thine own understanding

Today I had the chance to help a friend, though I had no idea how much until after the help was rendered. It was something simple and very insignificant and cost me nothing more than a few minutes of my time and knowledge I had gained from prior experiences. This friend had purchased a pair of bunnies from us a couple years ago. They are loved and very well cared for but as happens one became sick and this friend called to ask advice on taking her pet to a vet. I made recommendations on a vet and then relayed information I had gathered and researched giving her alternatives that I myself would have done in her position. I knew from what she was describing to me it was one of two things that afflicted their rabbit. One of those things was treated with a medication I had in my fridge, that I had just considered throwing away just four days ago because I would most likely never need it as we stopped breeding show rabbits six months ago, but I had a feeling that I should just leave it for a while longer and I thought nothing more of it until after this friend had left my home with the medicine in hand. I was also able to give her a source and information on the other medication for the other condition that has similar symptoms. I probably will never know the full extent of what I was able to do for this friend, I only know that they would have had to make some significant financial sacrifices had I not been able to help them. Sometimes we don't understand what things are done for or why....I didn't even recognize that feeling to keep the medicine a while longer as a prompting....but now I see it clear as day. Sometimes it is hard for us to see in our present circumstances as they are happening that something so small can have great outcomes, can make a difference.

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  1. do good to all men and women,the Lord God loves a cheerful giver.