Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I want *MY* computer back....

As much as I have appreciated having this computer to use....I want MY computer know the one that has my photo editing software, and all the other programs I use that are NOT on this MISTER BRIGHT, if you are reading this, AND you do not have time to work on my computer.....please tell me what I need to do so I can fix it so I can post updates to my website and edit all these beautiful pictures I have taken with my new I can personalize my blog so it is *pretty* rather than boring....where I don't have to worry about you unplugging things I use and taking the hub (or what ever it is called) to work and not bringing it back for days or weeks or months.....I *know* my computer is old, but I like it, and I like how my old programs work and I am used to them and I don't want to learn how to use new ones....PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!

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