Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dear Heavenly Father....

.....You done good!


  1. Will you adopt me and let me move in with you? I want a chicken so bad, and my husband will NOT let me do it! :(

    Glad to find you...and glad you found me. Wanna be my new BFF? xoxoxo

  2. LOL!!!! OK here is the deal....tell him there are advantages to having your own hens, like fresh eggs, do you know that eggs in the store are usually about 2-3 weeks old (or more) and the nutrition content of typical store eggs is WAY different from free range or cage free eggs. The chickens don't really have to take up much space, and they control insect populations including scorpions and they don't make that much noise and make great fertilizer for your lawn or garden. Plus your friends and neighbors will all appreciate any eggs you don't use, although my husband's favorite benefit from the eggs was HOME MADE yummy. Seriously though, if you ever convince him I can give you any info you need! Glad I found you's with special kids need to stick up for each other ;-)