Monday, February 22, 2010

An end to a very successful breeding season...

Three out of the four litters due today have arrived....Without taking all babies out of nest boxes for a final count we have litters of 7, 6 and 5...just waiting for Georgia to deliver her second litter for this breeding season to get our final baby count. We started off 12/31 with a litter of 8 netherland/holland cross, 1/1 with 6 Thriantas. Mid January we had two litters of Lionheads 4 and 4 as well as 4 angora cross. Early this month our other Thrianta Brigid had a litter of 9 and has 8 surviving kits. This past Friday there were 11 Netherland/Holland crosses born so that makes the count for this year to 66 plus whatever we find in Georgia's nest box tomorrow or Wednesday! We are going through food about four times as fast as usual right glad it only lasts for a few months each year!

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