Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Babies day out....

Some of you may know that my son Ethan shows rabbits. He purchased his first beautiful rare breed show rabbit, a fiery red Thrianta, this past January, and has since won three "Best of Breed" a "Best Opposite Sex of Breed" and several blue first place ribbons with his rabbit, who he named Prince Lucian Fire Sky. Well in April, we finally got our two Thrianta does, the older one already bred to a grand champion. Unfortunately, she was clueless to mothering, and May 15th she had four little babies in her pen, placentas still attached, cold and wet. We managed to save two....though the first week was pretty rough, with having to force feed the tiny, furless, blind babies, until our Lionhead gave birth and happily adopted the two rowdy bunnies. They are now three and a half weeks old, and still nameless, because although we are pretty sure one is a girl, they have been difficult to confirm for sure as yet. Today they had their first outing into the grass in the back yard and loved every minute of it. We can't wait to show these two little beauties in the fall!


  1. Hi! They are so big already, and o so cute.
    I love my Gladiolas They look so beautiful on my almost clean kitchen table. I really appreciate the sweet things you said on my blog. It truly does help to know someone understands. You are so loving.
    I got antibiotics this morning slept some and started using my nettie pot again (should have never stopped!) I also told the Dr that I have trouble sleeping like crazy and she is going to test me for apnea which if I don't have it, I will be surprised.
    Will you go with me to enrichment tomorrow night? There is dinner and it should be fun!

  2. Vicki I am so glad your doctor is going to test you and I hope they get it all sorted out. Glad you liked the glads....I thought they were done for the year when the first ones bloomed in March this year, but surprised me with tons of late blooms. I would be happy to go to enrichment with you! I think I have a few dresses to take.