Monday, June 22, 2009

Small Blessings for a Big Goal...

After coming home from Holbrook with a quote for a road and being very happy and excited, I had started looking in to ways of bringing the money in faster to complete the job....this is one instance I am happy to live my life in fast forward as my goals that not so long ago seemed unattainable in the foreseeable future are now just moments from my grasp. Well, I found that a doll show was being held just 3 miles from my house and there were still tables available!!!!! The was only 1 week away! Just 7 days to get ready, an impossible task any other time in my life, but it just so happens that I have dolls as I had not been selling everything I make because the economy is so down.....AND most of them are small, and I can reasonably put them in an affordable price range and maybe bring in a good chunk towards our road....AND the table fees benefit on of our favorite charities, the Child Crisis Center. Even if no one buys anything, what happened next should make up for that! In preparation for the show I set out to find some small doll eyes so I can maybe just sculpt a couple more dolls to take to the show. I went into a doll shop that I had never been in (after all I am not a collector!) and got to talking with the owner and it turns out that she was wanting to employ someone who would teach a class for skills I have! So perhaps this contact will be beneficial for us, in getting a road and the shop in getting additional revenue from offering a class in painting and rooting dolls (re-borning). I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! Looks like the chores I was going to do this week will just have to wait a bit longer....and I better get off this BLOG!

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