Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Flora at the farm

This evening, my daughter and I did a bit of gardening. We re-arranged and planted the pots in our from garden. Then upon examining the vegetable gardens to see what needs to come out we discovered that we have about 4 anaheim chiles that are already a good 5 inches long....in a couple weeks we will be making chile rellanos, so we are very excited. It is time to put in the pumpkins for Halloween. I think we have a couple more weeks for our tomatoes, which we have gotten half to one pound of yummy yellow pear tomatoes from every week for the past 5 weeks. We also found 5 volunteer corn stalks have sprouted from seeds that must have fallen from last years crop. And I have to say, there is nothing like seeing your kids going in to the garden and picking and eating fresh vegetables first thing in the morning....no peas have actually made it into the house as they are eaten straight off the vines, and now they are eating the carrots after they rinse them in the hose and feed the tops to the rabbits. I seriously need to get some weeding done while it is cooler than normal though.....the worst part about gardening!

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  1. I have been hoping that you would start a blog!! I am so excited. I can't believe how good it feels to record the day to day events of life.
    This weather is amazing!
    Weeds are a torment!!