Sunday, June 14, 2009

Farm Life....

I learned that you really do need heavy denim jeans when working "on a farm"....the hard way, I snaged my pants on one of the feed hoppers and sliced my knee open and completely destroyed my pants and left me with a big open gash....also, kids had used every band-aid in the house so keeping the wound closed was not an easy task.

We also butchered our first chicken, which will be our Sunday dinner. I had already dispatched (cut the throat) her when our neighbor arrived to walk me through the process, which I had never done or even seen done before. The kids elected to watch and were very calm and not upset at all and I am quite confident I can do it by myself next time. I had explained to the kids before starting that Heavenly Father created these particular animals to help sustain us and that this was her (Jeremy Chicken's) purpose. I really thought they would have a more difficult time with it and am proud at how grown up they were. They were actually very interested when our neighbor was cleaning her out to see the developing egg inside her. Now lets just see what they think when they are actually eating her. I will go out and pick some Rosemary and Sage to season her with and some onions to put in the stuffing so I am sure she will be delicious!

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