Saturday, June 20, 2009

YEAH! We are getting a road!!!!!!

I do feel that things happen for a reason and they happen in their own time. We got a notice from the city that our Travel trailer (which is parked on the side of our house) needed to be moved....even though a few neighbors have had theirs in similar locations for we started looking for storage facilities, availability and cost....knowing that our intent and purpose was to put the trailer on our land so that we could have a place to stay so we could start working on our land....but without a road, knowing it would not be possible to get the trailer to the land. Well, I started calling the city of Holbrook to find out how we go about getting a road, and got a major run around and finally hit a dead end. So just on a whim I decided to start looking for someone on craigslist to see if anyone posted that they can do this kind of work....I did find a couple of ads but it was late at night and they only had phone numbers and no email addresses so I just forwarded them to my husband to look into the following day....WELL I got up early yesterday morning and thought I would just take one more quick look, and found one brand new ad, just posted that morning and it had a website and an estemate request form which I filled out, fully anticipating a quote that was miles out of our price range. Not long after, my phone was ringing to get a little more information and location of our property, after another phone call, my husband asked the business owner if it would be better (and more acurate...the quote was very low!) if we paid for him to take a drive up there and have a look at the actual job! As it turns out, his job that was already set for that day would cancel! He called us back and said he had some time that afternoon and he would love to go up and have a look and get a better idea of what the job would take.....we quickly desided it would be best if we also made the three hour dive up there, to make sure they were able to find the location easily and better explain what we had in mind. Just 15 minutes later we were meeting with David who my husband had immediate trust and confidence in (which is a rare thing!) I thought to my self...I bet he is LDS. He relayed that he would be picking up his wide and dropping the kids at a sitter and that he would meet us up there. So we made out way up through the mountains and accross the high desert to get and estemate for putting in our road....While David and Terry walked over the the property from the end of the existing road, I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to David's wife who was very interested in what we were planning for our 5 acre property and was quickly excited about what we had planned....I also found out that they were in fact LDS as I had thought when we had met David earlier in the day. I feel that our paths met for a reason....needless to say, the quote we received was fair and within our reach, so we are having our road put in!


  1. That is so wonderful!!
    I thought of you as we took the YW to Taylor for the past 3 days. Things are so pretty up there right now!

  2. That is so exciting. I am telling you the the Lord moves in mysterious ways and always for our benefit. I am so happy for you guys. That is wonderful. I love reading your blog and wish I had a pinch of your ambition. You are such a wonderful lady and an amazing mom. Good job Brights...